Business Solutions


Gaband has a full professional marketing division that will develop a strategy to best promote your business to your target market. The range of services include: brand positioning, eventing, launches, promotions, social media, point-of-sale and more.

Depending on your location, Gaband can either design only or ship the finished product as per your requirements.

Gaband’s eventing division can offer a full service delivery; including sourcing a location for your event or conference, creating an event logo, brochure, presentations, invitations, clothing, gifts, advertising, radio campaigns and full delegate packs.

With the technology shifts, Gaband has positioned itself for media including website design, social media interaction (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) and will create a full social media strategy and roll out for accountable and measurable results.

Branding and Design
Gaband will design a logo and corporate identity in any industry. We offer a full service range including…
    Logo Design
    Corporate Identity (stationery, templates, business cards)
    Brand Architecture
    Strategy and Positioning
    Name Generation and Product Development
    Product Trials and Launches
    Mall Activations
    Brochures and Flyers
    Press Releases
    Manuals and Books
    CD’s and DVD’s
    Advertising – Print and Digital
    Point of Sale
    Product Packaging
    Website Design and Social Media
    Exhibitions and Pullup Banners
    Newsletter Templates
    Programming Specialist Modules

Websites vary from brochures style sites, product catalogue’s, service platforms, booking systems, e-learning, online shopping and off course today’s biggest demand of social media which is integrated into all of these.

Gaband will create a social media strategy to increase your market share and product awareness exponentially.

We build content managed websites so that you can be in full control of your updates (should you require). And we build in an advertising banner system that allows you to earn an income from your website.

Gaband offers full strategic marketing and advertising services for the following:
    New brand launch
    Expansion into a new country
    Expansion of existing market
    New product or service additions
    Digital media
    Social media
    Mergers and Acquisitions